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Introducing the Newgrange to Swan Constellation - Ancient Ancestors Series, a powerful and captivating tool for metaphysical healing. This unique and handcrafted piece is carefully designed to channel the energy of ancient Irish ancestors and the celestial swan constellation, offering a deep sense of connection and spiritual guidance. The Newgrange to Swan Constellation represents the union of earth and sky, providing a harmonious balance of grounding and ethereal energy. Made from high-quality materials and infused with intention, this tool is perfect for meditation, energy work, and aligning with the wisdom of ancient wisdom. Add this stunning piece to your metaphysical collection and experience the transformative power of the Newgrange to Swan Constellation.

NEWGRANGE to Swan Constellation - Ancient Ancestors Series

  • This is an inkjet print on photopaper.  Real quartz crystals.  Instructions on how to grid.

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