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Experience the power of absentee healing with our Chakra Reiki Doll. This beautifully crafted doll is designed to help channel the energy of the seven chakras and provide healing for those who are unable to receive traditional Reiki in person. Each doll is handmade and infused with the energy of our skilled practitioners, allowing it to serve as a powerful tool for distance healing. Whether you are seeking balance, alignment, or emotional support, our Chakra Reiki Doll can help facilitate healing from afar. Let the ancient healing art of Reiki work its magic in the comfort of your own home with our Chakra Reiki Doll Absentee Healing.

Chakra Reiki Doll Absentee Healing

  • Cotton "skin" painted with acrylic.   Stuffed with pillow stuffing, she's huggable.  She is attuned to the highest level of Reiki.  All her chakras are opened.  She has Reiki symbols on her body in multiple areas to allow healing exit points!

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