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Animal Totem Portraits Painted for you

I casually mentioned to friend Amy about my snake dream. Snake is an unusual dream pal for me. Amy squealed with delight. "You were dreaming about me! That's my totem!" I realized she was right. I got a vision, complete with location (the Southwest US with cacti, mountains, buttes, and even some green areas). The serpent's design was clear to me, and it was in motion over a large Root Chakra. Here's the painting below.

I love painting. Art time is so magical, whether it is photoshopping, painting, beadworking. Mixing metaphysics with my creations feels like a HUGE portal opens.

Am I doing one for you? Takes me several weeks and is $300. Contact me as there's not a link here, and I want to talk with you before starting the art.

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