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Facilitator, Guide in a Body

Meet Sue, Extraordinary Healer, Reader, Teacher

Our Lecturers
I'm Sue Hidalgo, a metaphysics master with 40 years of daily experience as a teacher, healer, and reader. 

As a reader, I love helping you with accurate intuitive insights so you can make choices that align your Soul with your life.  

As a healer I am able to see your aura and work with it directly.  I'm a practitioner and instructor of dozens of healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal and sound healing, and mediumship healing.

As a teacher I've taught at conferences and internationally, training many as  professional readers and healers with real, grounded skills. 

What is a session like?

Accurate, Inspiring

Questions are answered without you even needing to ask them

Sue has been doing spiritual readings since 1980. Her repeat client retention is very high.  She is loved and respected for her calm wisdom.  Clients feel the presence of their guides.  Blessings as well as information flow effortlessly.

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