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Embrace the Soul Alchemy Experience

Welcome to  your transformative journey of
self-discovery, alchemical growth and illumination. 
Dive into the magic by scheduling your private consult and unlock your true potential.
Karma to Dharma - what holds you back to what moves you forward.  The initial consult is to focus outcomes and begin the magic.  Once you experience transformation, you may wish to choose any of the areas listed as classes.  Generational family karma, your own past lives, guides, guardians, intuitive development, exploring your reason for incarnation. 
Aligning Life to the Soul - it's what we do.

Soul Alchemy Sue

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About My Site

Transform Yourself with Private Sessions and Courses

Personalized Approach

Our private sessions are tailored to your unique needs and goals, helping you achieve your desired transformation.

Blue Skies

Our Benefits

Community App
Connect with Others

Our community app allows you to connect with others who are also on their personal transformation journey, providing support and inspiration.

Online Classes

Choose from a variety of online classes and private session packages, and learn at your own pace on your schedule.

Spiritual Psychic Readings

Private Sessions

Start Your Personal Transformation Today

with a spiritual reading or energy session with Sue.  Experienced, master of many techniques, she is amazing.  Fully clairvoyant, clairaudient, she connects with your Guides and Loved Ones to give grounded information and mediumship healing.

Unlock Your Potential with Personal Guidance via a Spiritual Reading.
Sue is listed in "Top 100 Psychics in America".  A psychic reading with her is clear and accurate, the presentation powerful and kind.


our range of courses designed for your evolution, breakthrough,  freedom and positive embodiment of your Soul's focus.

Courses represent the techniques Sue teaches and uses in your sessions.

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You’re extremely gifted in so many modalities that it seems like you always have the perfect way of addressing whatever it is that needs addressed.

Sean White

Builder, Shaman

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